My First Solo

by ahlthat on December 1, 2011

First Solo

The Day that all student pilots are both  excited and nervous about finally came for  me on 26, Nov. 2011. It was a Saturday and  the weather could not have been any better.  The sun was shining and the winds were calm  with a temperature around 65 degrees.

The day started off with plans to take my  kids  to tour the USS New Jersey Battleship in  Camden NJ. (So I thought.) Around 11 am  that morning I received a call from my flight  instructor Dave asking if we were still on for a One  O’clock flight lesson. For some reason I thought the flight lesson was scheduled for Sunday not Saturday. Since the weather was not going to be as nice on Sunday I decided to go flying instead of Driving to Camden. Of course with my kids permission!

With the blessings of my kids, I drove to the Millville  Airport (KMIV) and met up with Dave my instructor. He informed me that he wanted me to fly him to the Cedar Lake VOR located at Downstown Airport (28N) and back to Millville (KMIL) for some touch and goes. After two or three touch and goes, Dave asked me if I had my Physical Card and if I was ready to Solo. Of course my answer was yes! I really thought I was going to be super nervous when the time came to solo but to my surprise I wasn’t nervous at all. Dave instructed me to make three takeoffs and landings and that I wouldn’t hear from him on the radio unless I was going to screw something up.

As a side note, I was recording the cockpit audio with a Sony ICD-P620 mp3 recorder attached to my headset via patch cord. As I did my three take offs and landings I gave a commentary on the flight as I went on. Anyway, the first landing was beautiful and on the numbers and the second landing was almost as good as the first. The third land was a smooth landing but I had turned on final a little to soon therefor the touchdown was farther down the runway than I would have liked it to be. Dave came across the radio after the third landing and gave me the option to make two more passes if I wanted too. So it was flaps up ,full throttle and off I went four a fourth time around. The fourth landing was as good as the first and the Fifth and final landing of the day was going to be the best one yet! As I turned on the downwind leg for runway 28 I noticed there were two aircraft doing their run up near the hold short line at runway 28. Now I had to make sure I had a good landing now that I had an audience watching me. Unfortunately, I turned on final a little to early and as I flew over the numbers I noticed they were a considerable ways below me.  As a result I landed around 800 feet farther down the runway than I should have.  However, the landing was a smooth one.

Oh Yeah, As for the recording, After Dave had got out of the plane, as I reached across to lock his door I must have pulled the cord slightly out of the Sony recorder. From that point on the only thing I could hear on the recorder sounded like me whispering softly. Oh well, At least I had a Great time on my first Solo.

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